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For the Horeca channel Mokador created a unique blend, the Gran Miscela Mokador, the result of experience built up over the years which couples the ability of selecting raw materials with the art of blending and roasting.
The constantly identical sensorial qualities, the constancy of the coffee in your cup, the optimal extraction yield (which means a greater quantity of coffee delivered) are a unique feature of Mokador espresso blends.
And then… over and above coffee: a vast number of exclusive products, carefully selected from the best Italian craftspeople and a great choice of merchandising to fully experience the Mokador atmosphere.

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For the Vending channel Mokador offers a huge choice of capsules and pods and the exclusive Mokador systems for always enjoying a perfect espresso, just like the one you drink at the café.
And then… Mokador coffee bean blends specially designed for use in automatic dispensers with the backup of the skills of experts in the green coffee sector who create the right formulation and blending of the various varieties of coffee.
The constancy of what you get in the cup and an optimal extraction yield mean that more coffees are delivered.

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