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Mokador Quality

  1. Selection

    Mokador chooses only the world’s best plantations.
    The Arabica variety, the most prized and delicate, is selected from the plantations that stretch over tropical uplands at an altitude of at least 900 metres in Colombia, Guatemala and Costa Rica. The Robusta variety is selected from plantations in Africa and Asia.

    Tasting in the places of origin prior to embarkation guarantees meticulous quality control. Intervention of the invaluable human experience is also guaranteed in the selection phase on the premises: modern production technologies and “manual phases” means harvesting with almost absolute precision the beans that are the best and suitable for an excellent result on roasting.
    Storage of each different typology of raw coffee is separate, in order to maintain the different characteristics. Perfect cleaning of the raw material means that the carefully selected green coffee beans can be given “the passport of superior quality”.

  2. Transformation

    Invaluable human experience in selection of the raw product also takes part in the transformation phase in order to add the craftsman’s touch.

    The master roaster constantly checks the roasting process and the optimal roasting curve. This determines the final highlighting of the organoleptic features of the bean. The master roaster guarantees the standard of Mokador quality, which is always high and unchanging in time.

    Only separate roasting in order to highlight the value of each individual variety. The choice of a perfect temperature (from a minimum of 210° C to a maximum of 230° C) plays a determining role: we thus obtain the point of balance between body, aroma and taste of the coffee. A further check after roasting and cooling permits elimination of all residues extraneous to the purity of the coffee.

    After roasting the coffee beans must be cooled rapidly before the high temperature exceeds the optimal roasting curve, Cooling with forced natural air safeguards the taste of the coffee and does not damage its aroma. The air is directed into special chambers: each coffee bean is caressed by air jets.

  3. Maturing

    With regard to blending, knowhow creates the balance of taste and aroma between Arabica, which gives the coffee mellowness, sweetness and creaminess, and Robusta which contributes structure and body to the espresso.

    The right length of time ensures perfect maturation. After being cooled and blended with modern computerised systems, the coffee is taken to special silos: it begins maturing and it is here that the coffee acquires greater body, taste and aroma. In 10-15 days Mokador coffee reaches perfect maturation.

  4. Packing

    Vacuum packed and in a modified atmosphere, always the perfect guarantee for maintaining freshness, taste and aroma: the constant sensorial profile is check prior to proceeding with packing.
    Extreme precision, total safety and maximum respect for hygiene guarantees, thanks to a sophisticated, completely automated system for optimal conveyance of the blends in such away as to avoid the beans breaking.
    Definition of the dose and pressure ideal for pods and capsules.

    Mokador, confirming its commitment to constant improvement of product and service efficiency, but also sensitivity to environmental responsibility, has obtained the following voluntary certification from the prestigious body Bureau Veritas:
    Quality management system ISO 9001
    Environmental management system ISO 14001
    Bureau Veritas certificates control of the quality process through the production process, from the purchase of green coffee to roasting and marketing.

  5. The Product


    An unmistakable taste and aroma, because it brings together the delicacy of Santos quality Columbia coffees and the high varieties of Guatemala and Costa Rica. A result in the cup that is always constant, always identical to itself.


    The cream is compact and persistent with a regular structure and is hazel coloured. The aroma is delicate with traces ranging from the floral to cocoa.
    Refined, harmonious, rounded and full-bodied taste.

    • Unique blends for the non-domestic channel.
    • A rich selection for different needs, specially conceived for espresso machines in such a way as to guarantee a constant optimal yield of very high level.

    • Perfect for families and offices.
    • Practical, reliable, versatile.
    • A high quality offer to cover needs throughout the day: for an espresso break or for a hot beverage.
    • Packed in a modified atmosphere, single-serve: guarantee of freshness, preservation of the taste and aromas of freshly roasted coffee.
    • Perfect for families and offices: a high quality offer to cover needs throughout the day, for an espresso break or for a hot beverage.
    • Environment friendly: in filter paper, ecological and biodegradable, perfectly recyclable.
    • Packed in modified atmosphere, single-serve: guarantee of freshness, preservation of the taste and aromas of freshly roasted coffee.
    • The right dosage, grind and pressing.

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