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Right from the start Mokador has always followed the path of quality and excellence in its coffee production. This is why we decided to obtain the voluntary certification of “Quality Management System” ISO 9001 and “Environmental Management system” ISO 14001 issued by the prestigious body Bureau Veritas. These certifications confirm Mokador’s commitment to constantly improving the efficiency of its products and services, but also its sensitivity to environmental responsibility.

Certification ISO 9001

Successful companies are driven to promote quality in every aspect of their activity: from modus operandi to guaranteed levels of Customer service, right down to the products supplied.
ISO 9001 is an international standard of Quality Management, applicable by all Organizations operating in all sectors.
It is based on 8 principles of Quality Management (all indispensable for the running of a great company):

  • Leadership
  • Focalizing on the customer
  • Involvement of personnel
  • Approach by processes
  • Systematic approach to management
  • Ongoing improvement
  • Decisions based on facts
  • Relationships of mutual benefit with suppliers

Mokador therefore confirms its commitment in this direction, checking and controlling the quality process throughout the line of production, from the purchase of green coffee to roasting and marketing.
Some of the main pluses are:

  • Demonstrating the company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction
  • Ensuring that the company’s products and services effectively take account of customer’s needs and the binding regulatory requisites
  • Measuring the company’s progress towards ongoing improvement  of its market yield, using a reference standard as a comparison
  • Improving company results in terms of organization

Certification ISO 14001

Concern with environmental protection improves a company’s image and, at the same time, proper management of environmental problems gives an organizational type impulse.
Standard ISO 14001 is part of a series of international standards concerning the Environmental Management System applicable to all types of Organization.
It is based on the principles of a management system that envisages the phases of planning, execution, control and improving actions. Application of the standard defines the most important requisites for identifying, controlling and monitoring the environmental aspects of any Organization with an environmental policy.
Mokador is therefore committed to respecting all the requisites demanded by environmental regulations regarding waste management and to increasing energy saving, reducing production refuse and thus lowering environmental impact.
Some of the immediate advantages of adopting an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System are:

  • greater trust on the part of Customers, investors, public and community, thanks to the guarantee of reliability of the commitment demonstrated
  • better control of costs and savings in raw materials and energy
  • reduction of financial guarantees where envisaged by the regulations in force
  • reduction of insurance premiums regarding the possibility of environmental incidents

SEEDLING DIN CERTCO certification for compostable pods

In September 2019, Mokador has received the international SEEDLING DIN CERTCO certification, a recognition that attests the compostability of Mokador coffee pods in all the formats. This is a great achievement for the company. In fact, only companies that have a compostability certification can really declare that their pod is 100% compostable.
Mokador is a conscious choice for the environment.

SEEDLING DIN CERTCO certification for Mokador Diva compostable capsules

The compostable capsules of the exclusive Mokador Diva system are SEEDLING DIN CERTCO certified and disposable in the organic waste bin. Another little step to build a better future.

Gran Miscela and pods also certificated by Bureau Veritas

Mokador has made quality the lynchpin of company philosophy. This is why it wanted to obtain voluntary product certification issued by the international body Bureau Veritas for both its unique GMM blend for cafés and for all its coffee blends in pods.
In this way Mokador offers its customers the possibility of distinguishing themselves on the market by highlighting their professionalism and gaining consumer loyalty by proposing a quality product that is guaranteed and controlled in an ongoing manner.
Gran Miscela Mokador, Bureau Veritas Certification IT304569-1, certification for:

  • Defined sensorial profile. Mokador aroma and taste are constantly controlled and guaranteed
  • Separate roasting. The individual coffee varieties are roasted separately to best highlight their organoleptic characteristics
  • Air cooling. In this way the aromas in the bean are fixed as soon as it is roasted, through a ventilation system of forced natural air
  • Controlled maturing. The coffee thus roasted and cooled is left to rest for a period of 10-15 days in special silos and packed only on achieving the right degree of maturation

Coffee pods, Bureau Veritas Certification IT304553-1
Certification of the blend of coffee in pods was obtained for the following points:

  • Air cooling. Through this process the aromas in the bean are fixed as soon as it is roasted, through a ventilation system of forced natural air
  • Control of residual oxygen in the pod on packing and 2 weeks after packing. This is the control system to ensure the best preservation of the aromas and perfumes of the freshly ground coffee over time, guaranteeing freshness and a constant result in the cup
  • Controlled degree of pressing on packing, because the right dose and pressure ensure a coffee that is constant, one pod after the other

Kosher certification

The company has obtained Kosher Certification for the coffee produced on the Mokador premises.

IEI certification

The company has obtained IEI Certification for the coffee produced on the Mokador premises.

Product Certification (for coffee beans products)

Mokador company obtained the product certification for coffee beans Brio and Extracream items, in compliance with the Confida DTP 114 Standard, thanks to their undeniable qualities.

Organic coffee certification

During 2020, Mokador has undertaken a project as to obtain the Certification in accordance with the provisions contained in the Reg. 1ce 834/2007 and following updates.
Mokador obtained, from an authority recognized from the ministry of agricultural food and forestry policies, the qualification to transform and pack organic coffee labelled and sold exclusively under Mokador brand with identification code 101303.


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