Mokador 100% straordinario



Blend of light and aromatic coffee. Consisting of the most prized varieties of Coffea Arabica and Coffea Robusta, decaffeinated with the traditional method which leaves the aromas unaltered, guaranteeing total absence substances extraneous to natural coffee and a caffeine content of less than 0.1%. Identified by a dense and regular structure and the hazel colour of the cream. Delicate acidity. The body is pleasantly rounded. The aroma remains exactly in line with a classic espresso, perfumed and intense. 
Ingredients: Blend of decaffeinated coffee, roasted and ground. Caffeine content no greater than 0.10%.
Available in 12 boxes of 16 capsules.

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In order to enhance its commitment in improving the quality of its product, Mokador succeed in obtaining the voluntary certification by Bureau Veritas:

-Quality management ISO 9001
-Environmental management ISO14001

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