Mokador 100% straordinario


Più Crema

Blend of strong and decisive tasting coffee with an intense roasted aroma. Consists of species of prized Coffea Robusta from the best plantations in India and Africa.

In the cup it is identified by a dense structure, a dark colour and persistent creaminess.

A coffee with a decisive personality and pleasingly bitter taste. The body is intensely structured with a decisive taste and pleasant syrupy quality. The aroma emanates and intense perfume of roasting.

Ingredients: Blend of roasted Coffea Robusta and Coffea Arabica coffee. 

Available in packs of 50 pods.
Available in both Mokador and ESE size.


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In order to enhance its commitment in improving the quality of its product, Mokador succeed in obtaining the voluntary certification by Bureau Veritas:

-Quality management ISO 9001
-Environmental management ISO14001