Mokador 100% straordinario


100% Arabica BIO

november 2020


Mokador presents the new range of organic coffee for capsules, ESE pods, Mokador pods and coffee beans... 100% ARABICA BIO!


The definition “Organic foods” refers to all those products which come from organic agriculture. A system which respect people’s and environment’s health in all the production chain: cultivation, harvesting, transformation up to the finished product sale. Excluding the use of any synthetic chemical product and to any genetically modified organism, as to preserve and improve ground’s characteristics and respect all the forms of life and the biodiversity.
While describing organic agriculture, the terms recycle and recovery, are the key words and it is banned the use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and synthetic insecticides which has to be replaced with natural fertilizers as manure or organic compost (obtained from the food’s decomposition). We can therefore attest that all those foods that are derived from these natural methods can be called Organic and are in accordance with the appropriate regulations (CE n. 1584 dated October 22nd 2018, CE n. 889/2008). 


During 2020, Mokador has undertaken a project as to obtain the Certification in accordance with the provisions contained in the Reg. 1ce 834/2007 and following updates.
 Mokador obtained, from an authority recognized from the ministry of agricultural food and forestry policies, the qualification to transform and pack organic coffee labelled and sold exclusively under Mokador brand with identification code 101303.

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