Mokador 100% straordinario


A step towards a better future

September 2021

Mokador has made sustainability its leitmotif for its business: from its products such as the certified 100% compostable pods and the exclusive Mokador Diva system, to clean energy from renewable sources and from the latest generation of Industry 4.0 certified plants.

In pursuing this sustainable philosophy, during 2021 Mokador sought to find optimal solutions to further lower its impact on the environment.
To this end, an important investment was made to allow further containment of atmospheric emissions and odorous gases, by inserting a catalyst in the exhaust point of the fumes emitted during the roasting phase. In addition to this filtration system, the emission point was raised by a further 4 meters in order to avoid as much as possible the spread of fumes to adjacent companies and structures.

Let’s build together a better future!

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