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Mokador Experience Academy Inauguration

  • Matteo Castellari, Barbara Alpi, Massimo Isola the Mayor of Faenza
15th September 2021

The inauguration of the Mokador Experience Academy, which took place on Wednesday 15 September, was a day dedicated to the culture of coffee and professional training for professionals in the sector. to which Mokador has dedicated an ambitious project. The ribbon cutting took place with the presence of the mayor of Faenza, Massimo Isola, who underlined the importance of innovating and meeting the new challenges of a market that the pandemic has changed, but which can reserve great opportunities for those who know how to invest and reinvent itself. In the front row the project partners, Montenegro, Yoga, Fabbri, Bitter Salfa, Eureka, Mazzer, Faema and Cimbali, who took the opportunity to share reflections and projects also for the near future.

During the day, the new course calendar was presented that will start as early as Wednesday 22 September ( and maximum emphasis was given to the demonstrations and proposals of the Academy trainers: Marco Cini, Head of training and Mokador Quality Ambassador, Stefano Cevenini, Coffee Trainer and Italian Espresso World Champion, Michael Limoni, Mixology Trainer, Matteo Tambini, Food & Management Trainer, joined by the guests of honor of the day Manuela Fenso, World Champion of Latte Art and Carmen Clemente, Italian Champion.

“I thank everyone who organized, animated and participated in this day”, President Matteo Castellari commented. "Today we are launching a project that we believe will make a positive contribution to the relaunch of the sector in our territory. "

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